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After a round on the house thank you, thank you! Next on our list was a little snack to keep us going.

We considered calling it a night and hopping on the U-Bahn back to the apartment, but somehow, the night still felt young. We bee-lined between awnings in the general direction of home and on the way saw a Turkish shop that still had some delicious Baklava for sale. We decided to indulge in some until the rain stopped enough for us to head home and call it a night.

What a jam-packed, great first night in Hannover!

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Great fuel to start our day off on the right foot! Next we grabbed our backpacks and headed out the door in the direction of Hannover City-Center. We walked from Linden on the west side of Hannover to the Ihme River which flows through the city. The Maschsee is a mile and a half-long artificial lake that runs parallel to the Ihme River.

Aside from being a lovely location and venue for water sport and recreation, the Maschsee also provides flooding relief from Springtime snow thaw that used to threaten Hannover.

An eerie reminder of the dark history of Germany's past. This isn't your run-of-the-mill Town Hall. This place looks like a legit castle! This building also houses the only curved elevator in Europe. For only After spending quite a bit of time in the Rathaus exploring, it was time for lunch.

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On to the Innenstadt to grab a bite to eat. It is known as " der Bauch von Hannover " or the belly of Hannover. Not only just a great play on words, but also seriously "Yummola!

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We opted not to pay the admission to the gardens, since it was already late in the afternoon and wouldn't be able to explore as much as we wanted to, but one can still see so much from the outside that it was well worth our while none-the-less. Pro tip: If you don't want to be outed as a tourist or noob, call this beer " Herri " when you order it! We decided to head back towards Linden and on our way stopped at the Kulturzentrum Faust , which is a creative center in Hannover.

This complex is full of graffiti and sculptures, and offers theater and other creative outlets for artists and to the community. Another amenity there is the Biergarten Gretchen , which is a fabulous gathering area with self-service bar and kitchen, plenty of table and benches, and a roof-top area with a great view of the Biergarten, flowers, trees, and people-watching opportunities.

We thought we'd just grab a quick beer, but ended up staying for two rounds because it was just too nice to leave - it seriously doesn't get much better than a great venue, good company, fabulous weather and refreshing beverages. After an amazing day we headed back to the apartment for a home-cooked meal. Chef Lennart worked his magic in the kitchen while Neema and I set a table in the Innenhof garden tucked away in lush greenery.

I felt like we were in the Secret Garden! On the menu was a famous and traditional dish in Germany during spring - white asparagus. This special kind of asparagus is only in season for about a month between May and June depending on the weather and once it is gone, it's gone, so you have to enjoy it.

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Playlists Containing: After dinner quickie with cumshot on her panties and back

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